In the mid-1970s, the then Canadian government was trying to figure out how to get people to ride a bike and the best way to do that was to encourage people to cycle.

So, the Canadian government put out a series of circulars on bicycle standards.

The idea was to make sure that they were in tune with the needs of people and the environments of the country.

They were looking for ways to encourage more people to bike.

So in 1975 they issued an initial circular, the Bicycle Standards Circular, which basically said that the world should have a bicycle that could be ridden by a child.

The problem was that a lot of countries didn’t have a lot in the way of infrastructure.

So they said, ‘You know what?

Let’s take a look at this.

Let’s see if we can create something.’

They didn’t know what it was, they didn’t understand what it meant.

And they started with a series or two of circular and then started putting together a series and putting together guidelines and making sure that it was consistent across the board.

So what they did was they developed an official bicycle standard and they issued a bicycle standard.

They called it the Bicycle Standard.

And that bicycle standard is now in place.

In the early 1980s, when we had the bicycle standard, the government was doing something very similar to what they had done with mountain bikes.

They said that mountain bikes were the safest and most environmentally friendly mode of transport, and that they should be promoted as the safest mode of transportation for young people and for women.

And the problem was they didn, because we had a mountain bike standard, they weren’t promoting them as the most environmentally sustainable mode of travel.

They didn.

And so we took it on and we said, “Let’s go further.

Let’t we?

Let us make it the most sustainable mode for young Canadians?”

And we did.

And in 1985, we created the National Cycle Safety Strategy.

It said, basically, that if a cyclist is killed or seriously injured, the cyclist’s life is worth more than the life of any other person on the road.

We have an obligation to the cyclist.

We need to be doing everything in our power to prevent a tragedy from occurring.

We’re going to have to be much more responsible.

We want to make our roads safer.

We are going to be looking at cycling safety measures, we’re going the extra mile, we want to be the safest way of moving.

And we are going after the big, scary, ugly bikes.

So the bike safety strategy was a success.

By the mid 1990s, cycling had exploded.

It grew to almost 400,000 people in the world.

The number of people who cycle is increasing every year.

It is also growing at a rate of two to three per cent a year.

But what is surprising is that the number of fatalities in bicycle crashes has increased by more than seven-fold since the 1970s.

So there are still people who are injured and killed in bike crashes.

And there is a serious concern about the impact that these collisions are having on children and young people.

So this is something that has to be considered.

In fact, the last time that the government tried to create a national bicycle standard was the early 2000s.

They tried to do it with a national mountain bike and they didn.

They couldn’t find a national standard that could support a national program that was designed to make bicycling safer and more environmentally sustainable.

So we were able to make a difference.

We created a bicycle safety strategy.

It’s one of the most important things that we’ve done in the past decade.

We’ve also taken on the challenge of the bowl projection, which is the projection of how many people we will need to have in Canada by 2050.

So that is the plan we’re making.

It was created by the Canadian Bicycle Industry Council.

It has been endorsed by the federal government.

It comes from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

It came from the Ontario Government of Transportation and Infrastructure.

It goes back to the early 1990s.

It says, the provinces and territories will have to take on the responsibility to plan for a population of 1.5 billion by 2050, which means, essentially, if we’re serious about having a successful population of one billion, we need to create an environment in which all of our people are safe, we have the right infrastructure, and we have all of the resources and support to support them.

So it is the most significant thing that the Government of Canada has done in terms of developing the environment for our people.

In terms of creating the environment, it was a massive investment of $100 billion.

It included: $3.5 trillion in infrastructure investments over a ten-year period; $300 billion for the development of a sustainable transport system; $50 billion to create training programs and job training for all workers in Canada; $150 billion for new parks and open spaces in


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