Project Paperclip, the taco project which created the taco, is hoping to raise a few million dollars to build its taco prototype, which has a paperclip on its head.

The taco’s design is based on a taco paper clip that’s already being used in many restaurants across the world.

It’s a product of taco-maker El Tinto, which says it’s designed to make taco paperclips more portable and easy to carry around with you.

Project Paperclip was founded by the US-based startup Tic Tacos, which specializes in making tacos with paper clips, and which had raised $50m in seed funding.

Tacos are often made by putting a taco into a taco bowl and then inserting a paper clip in the bowl, and then placing it on top of a taco shell.

The paper clip is supposed to hold the taco together and help it to form a taco, which in turn is supposed help it cook.

It doesn’t always work, and there have been a number of taco disasters, but it has a reputation for being relatively easy to use and fast to prepare.

In addition to Tic Taco, the startup’s partner is the taco industry body Taco Baking, which is based in San Francisco.

Project paperclip, meanwhile, is aiming to make a taco with a paperclips head that is only $3 a pop.

The company’s website says the design is inspired by a design for the first taco paper clips from Taco Bell.

The first taco heads were made from aluminum foil and had a paper clipper attached to them.

They’re designed to hold taco shells together, but also to make the tacos easier to eat and prepare.

Taco Baking also plans to build a taco vending machine to take orders from restaurants that already have paper clips on their heads.

Project paperscale, meanwhile has raised $10m in a $20m Series B round led by the venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners.

It says the startup has created a product that it believes can help millions of taco fans around the world get tacos more quickly.


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