A new project has been launched to develop a home for the elderly in northern NSW, with the aim of bringing it to market within 20 years.

The project is being spearheaded by Lincoln Homes, a leading builder of retirement homes, and it has the support of a consortium of local businesses, including some of Australia’s largest real estate companies.

It has already attracted more than 300 submissions and will soon begin a formal tender process for a project in the NSW River Valley.

The Lincoln Homes team says the project could be one of the most significant projects in NSW for decades to come.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to provide an affordable, healthy and sustainable retirement home for older Australians,” said Michael O’Shea, president of Lincoln Homes.

Mr O’Hera says he is excited about having Lincoln Homes on board. “

The fact that we can help them live longer and healthier, by providing a home that they can enjoy, has huge economic and social benefits for both residents and the community.”

Mr O’Hera says he is excited about having Lincoln Homes on board.

“They are an amazing group of people, and I’m very confident they’ll take this project very seriously,” he said.

The Victorian Government has already committed to providing more than $150 million to help the project, with $80 million earmarked for the next three years.

Mr O’thea said the Lincoln Homes consortium is not only an important part of the Lincoln project but also a valuable asset to the wider community.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to work with these great local businesses and their partners to get this project off the ground,” he added.

The partnership between Lincoln Homes and Lincoln Communities is being described as the largest of its kind in the world.

The consortium will develop the home, develop the community and manage its infrastructure, and will oversee the delivery of the home.

Mr Trombetta said he was confident the project would be a success.

“It’s really exciting and exciting that we have this opportunity to develop this project,” he told ABC Radio Hobart.

“But what’s also exciting is that there’s a lot of local people in the community who will be working with us to ensure the home is ready for the start of the new millennium.”

Lincoln Homes will provide the community with a quality home to house the elderly, with space to build a community kitchen, a recreation centre, a small children’s play area and a gymnasium.

“When you’re in your 80s or 90s, you tend to have a lot more physical activity, but you tend not to be as active as you would be if you were in your 40s,” Mr Tromea said.

“Lincoln Homes are the perfect place to live with a lot less stress.”

Mr Tomo said the project was not just about saving money, but also helping the elderly to live longer.

“People who have dementia will often go into a home to spend time with their grandchildren,” he explained.

“There are so many benefits to that, but it also has a huge benefit for the whole community.”

The project will cost $400,000, with most of that cost being paid by the Lincoln Communities, with a portion coming from the Victorian Government.

“This project has really captured the imagination of the community,” Mr Oshea said of the project.

Lincoln Home will be managed by the local authority of St George’s in the area. “

What makes it really unique is the opportunity for a community to come together and take on this project together and get it off the drawing board.”

Lincoln Home will be managed by the local authority of St George’s in the area.

The group will be building a community garden and a community hall, with amenities such as a swimming pool and bike paths.


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