Project ZORGO is a collaboration between Microsoft and ESPN, a project that’s aimed at getting NFL teams and coaches the most accurate draft projections possible.

The idea is that, instead of trying to get teams to take players with no real history of injury or a high probability of missing the draft, ESPN would instead look at how players would play on the field and how teams would approach their opponents in a realistic game.

Microsoft and ESPN have partnered on Project Zoran for a number of years, with the goal of getting NFL coaches the best available information.

Now, Microsoft is launching a project to help the NFL get its projections right.

Project ZORGo will use the same database as the NFL draft to help NFL teams.

The database will include a full history of draft picks, team and position, team history, and game situation.

Teams will be able to view players in different positions, including wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, defensive backs, and more.

It will also include projections for each position, including the team’s offensive line, defense, offensive line and defense, the offensive coordinator, and the defensive coordinator.

This is the same type of database that the NFL used for its draft projections in the past, with ESPN projecting the players the team might want to take based on what the team is going to do with them.

With Project Zoras projections, Microsoft will be adding a new dimension to the NFL’s draft projections.

Zorgo’s goal is to provide a better understanding of how players perform on the gridiron.

If you have a top-flight player in the draft and you can’t figure out why he hasn’t made the team, that might be because of a combination of injuries, a high turnover rate, or poor coaching, according to the project’s description.

That’s not to say there aren’t other reasons why a player might be inactive.

Project Zora will be looking at everything from the number of snaps he has played and whether he has been active in practice or practice games.

It also looks at how he compares to other players on the team and how he fits with the roster.

Project Zora also will be helping to identify some of the players who might be in the best position to succeed in the NFL.

Players who are not good on special teams and who are just good enough in other areas could be in for an adjustment period with the team.

Project Zero, meanwhile, will provide more insight into the way the NFL is evaluating players and evaluating its own roster.

For example, it will look at players who are eligible for the Pro Bowl and those who have been suspended for multiple games.

There will also be projections for players who have played multiple years in the league, but have not been selected in the first round.

Project Zero will look into how players have developed and what they can do to improve their draft stock.

In the end, Project Zonaes goal is clear: to provide the most reliable projections for the NFL, not just the draft itself.

The NFL and ESPN both said they’re excited to be partnering with Microsoft on Project Zero, and ESPN NFL draft analyst Mike Mayock tweeted that the project will help NFL players.

“We can’t wait to get to work!”

Mayock wrote.

“Project Zoran is an important piece of the puzzle for the draft.

With our new partnership, we will get a much better understanding for what’s happening in the National Football League, and we will have a much clearer picture of how the draft is being handled.

The game itself will be a lot easier for teams to analyze.

We will have the best data for the game.”

Project Zorgos projections will be live in the next few days, and Microsoft hopes to begin publishing them this week.

For now, you can sign up for the project here.


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