As solar panels get cheaper and cheaper, some homeowners are finding ways to save money on solar energy systems in Austin.

A new study published by Austin Power & Light says homeowners who choose to install solar panels in their homes can save an average of $2.5, or nearly 10 percent, on their monthly electricity bills.

The study was published by the Austin Energy & Utilities Commission.

Austin Power and Light’s new research comes just months after a major solar installation project in Austin went into service.

This time around, Austin Power has installed 3,500 solar panels across the city, including a 1,800-foot-long, 20-foot high solar tower in the South Loop.

The tower is located on the roof of a three-story building at the corner of Third and Lamar streets.

This is the largest solar installation in Austin, and it was part of a larger project that was completed last year to provide additional electricity to the South Austin neighborhood.

The Austin Power project is part of an ongoing effort by the utility to build a more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly solar system.

Austin Energy and Austin’s new solar project is one of several projects underway in Austin that aim to reduce the amount of energy needed to power Austin’s electric grid.

In April, the city announced it was buying power from local utility Metra for about $3.5 billion, which is the same amount Metra pays for its energy from renewable sources.

The project is also part of the city’s plan to build more solar panels, which are cheaper and easier to install.

“Austin is the biggest solar city in the country and we’re very excited about this project,” Austin Energy’s Director of Community Partnerships and Technology Nick Anderson told Newsweek.

Anderson said the installation at the tower was part to a larger solar installation that was done in 2017, and is currently underway in several parts of Austin.

“Metra is a very reliable, reliable, well-established utility, and they’re very responsive to the needs of the community,” Anderson said.

“We had a really strong project last year, and I’m very pleased that we’ve had another one this year.”

Austin Power is not the only utility that is helping with the installation of solar panels.

Metra also helps with solar installations in Austin through the Solar Power for Austin program, which was launched in 2016 to encourage solar installations.

The program provides solar panels and installation services to local homeowners who want to install their own solar panels on their homes.

Anderson says Metra has been a great partner for Austin Energy.

“It has been very responsive,” Anderson told The Austin American-Statesman.

“They’ve been very helpful.

They’ve been willing to help us, and we’ve been able to provide them with the equipment that they need.”

A total of 4,500 panels were installed at the Austin Power tower.

Anderson hopes that the next time a homeowner chooses to install a solar system in their home, they will be able to save a total of about $2 at the end of the month.

“This is a really nice incentive for homeowners to invest in solar,” Anderson added.


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