Florida’s Project Cars 2, which is trying to build a “smart city” for the state, has received about $5.3 million in federal grant money to test a new pill, according to its financial disclosure forms.

The grant money was intended for the project to use it to test the drug’s effects on the brain and nervous system, a goal that the project says could reduce opioid-related deaths.

The money was earmarked to support the project’s pilot project, which has been delayed by legal battles between the state and some local governments.

“Our goal is to get the first dose of this pill to the state of Florida and begin our pilot phase of Project Cars,” project leader Michael R. D. Lipschutz said in an email.

“We have a few other projects with the same goal.

If we do not get a response by June 30, we will be forced to continue testing other doses.”

The drug is a non-opioid analgesic drug.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has classified it as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

The federal government has not said how it intends to define the schedule 1 classification of opioids.

The state has not received any funding from the federal government to fund Project Cars, and it is not clear how the state plans to pay for the drug.

However, the state is also funding research into how to prevent overdose.

“Project Cars will be tested on a large number of patients in our community, including people who have chronic pain and other chronic conditions,” said Floridas Gov.

Andrew M. Cuomo, in a statement.

“This will enable us to further develop treatments for pain and alleviate opioid dependence.”

A spokesman for the Florida Department of Health, which oversees the opioid abuse program, said that the agency has not been given the drug or how to determine the amount of funding that would be appropriate to use.

He said the department is working with the project team and the Florida Hospital Association to determine how to pay the costs.

The Florida Hospital Authority has also not received the drug, spokesman Mike Kuzminsky said.

“The Florida Hospital is in discussions with Floridans Health Department to determine appropriate and appropriate financial resources for our program,” Kuzmicinski said.

The department’s opioid program was set up to provide treatment to people who overdose on opioids.

But the state has struggled to keep up with a surge in the opioid crisis, which it blames on a lack of treatment and lack of funding for drug-treatment programs.

The crisis has prompted some local officials to push for state funds to be used to fight the opioid epidemic, which the Trump administration has described as a pandemic.

Last week, the Florida legislature passed a bill that would give the governor and the governor’s executive assistant the authority to establish the Florida Opioid Control Council to review how the opioid program is funded.

The bill would allow the council to approve or reject any requests for money from the Florida State Office of Economic Development.

The Senate has not taken up the bill.

In addition to Lipshutz, the project has received $1.5 million from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

It has received more than $400,000 from the Drug Enforcement and Customs Enforcement and $500,000 each from the Justice Department, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

The project also has received a $500 payment from the Department of Homeland Security, which reimburses agencies for expenses related to the opioid emergency.


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