This week, we are joined by David Pyle, a researcher at the University of Bristol, who has been trying to sequence the human gene for several years.

Pyle is working on a project called the Human Genome Project, which is funded by the UK Government and will involve the UK National Health Service (NHS).

This is an effort to sequence a large number of genes from around the world, with hopes that eventually it will lead to a single, complete genome. 

The first steps in the Human Gene Project were published in Nature last year, but it’s been years since anyone has been able to sequence an entire genome, and scientists are still working to get the job done.

This week’s podcast talks to Pyle about what we can expect in the future, and the problems that lie ahead. 

This week, Pyle explains how the Human GENome Project will use a variety of methods to complete the sequencing process.

These methods will allow researchers to collect a lot of data in a short time, and it’s all going to be very controlled, so that the sequencing data will be very consistent, which will allow us to use this technology to study the human microbiome. 

We start off by talking to Pynchon about the challenges he’s faced in trying to assemble a large set of genomes for the Human Project, and why he is confident that we’ll be able to complete it in time. 

Next, we talk to Pylons team member, Michael Behe, who is working to sequence more than 300 million genes from the human genomes, with the hope that this will lead him to a complete genome within the next 20 years. 

Finally, we turn our attention to what the Human genomics project will mean for the medical profession, as we talk about how it will enable the sequencing of thousands of genes, and how this will mean more doctors working to treat diseases like HIV. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Human genome project you can check out this documentary. 

And if you want to know more about what the UK government is doing with the Human gene project, read this. 

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