ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports on Diy pallets projects, which are big, colorful pallets that are being made by the construction company Diy.

Diy is a big player in the construction industry, so Diy has a lot of pallets in the works.

One project is for a large house in the Dallas area that’s being built by Diy and a partner.

Another project will be for a project in West Texas, and the third project is a house that is going to be completed in New Mexico.

Diy’s pallets are being built to accommodate about 5,000 people, and they’re being paid for with a combination of bonds and taxes from the city.

The Diy company is now building pallets for a home in North Dallas, and is also working on a project to build a home that will house a restaurant.

And it has pallets to build out a new apartment complex in East Texas.

We got some information that they are working on the pallet project that is in Dallas.

Diya is working with a real estate development company in the city, so we don’t know what exactly the price tag is.

And there is a lot more that they’re working on.

Diyan’s pallet company also has a contract with the city to do a major renovation of a home, so there are a lot in the pipeline.

Diyan has pallet pallets going out for $3,000 apiece, and there are pallets of various sizes and colors going for up to $5,000.

And for $2,500 you can have a nice piece of artwork that you can put in your living room.

And the larger pallets, the more art you can do.

The company is also in talks with an apartment complex for a new project in East Tennessee.

So Diy is working to create a more upscale neighborhood.

And they have pallets and pallets from the beginning of construction for all of the apartment complexes that they have in Dallas and New York and other places, so that’s going to have a lot going on.

DiY has palts going for a lot less than Diy estimates for some projects.

We’re hearing that the company estimates that they will be able to bring down the cost of some projects by about $100,000 per pallet, which is about $3.5 million.

That’s not much more than the initial cost of building the pallets.

So that’s probably a lot.

And that’s about what Diy said in a video he posted last month, which was really interesting because he had said that the palting project was not expected to be finished for another year.

And now they’re putting it on hold and building out some pallets instead.

So they are making pallets now that are much larger than DiY’s estimate.

The pallet cost was about $1 million to build the palettes, and now it’s about $7 million.

We think that Diy could be getting close to $10 million in pallets over time.

We’ll have to wait and see how quickly they can come up with that.


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