It’s been more than five years since the release of Casual Sex Projects 64, and the project is back.

And the project’s creator is happy to share it.

“I’m really happy to announce that Casual has been launched,” Michael Sperry wrote on Facebook.

“Thank you so much to everyone who supported the project in the past year.

I love everyone.

Thank you!”

The new site has been created specifically for casual sex, and will be updated frequently with new projects and other content.

It also includes a dedicated “Sex Projects” section.

It’s also a welcome addition for those who have had their hopes dashed.

“When I was first starting out I was very disappointed with my own project, which was a ‘bareback’ video,” Sperrie wrote.

“And I didn’t really know what it was, so I ended up creating a bareback video with my friend.

It was fun, and it was a great way to introduce myself to my fellow porn stars, but at the same time I was still very nervous, and I just didn’t know what to expect.”

He continued, “And then, after my friend had his first baby, I was completely overwhelmed by the desire to get to know them.

So I made a video with a very simple premise: It was just me and my friend in a room with a computer.

But it didn’t feel quite right to me.

So, I wanted to do something more, something more interactive.”

Sperries project 64 was initially released on October 26, 2013, and was met with mixed reviews.

“We are still waiting for our official release date,” SPerry wrote.

“[The] average rating on PornHub is only 7.2 out of 10.”

He also expressed disappointment that the project was not more popular with younger audiences.

“The average rating for our videos on Pornhub is only 4.5 out of 5.

It seems like we are stuck in a trap with older males.

I think that is what frustrates us the most.

We want to bring a bit of a ‘fresh perspective’ to our young audience.”

SPerrys video is a direct sequel to the Sex Project series.

The Sex Project project 64, which began on January 2, 2016, and ran until March 10, 2016.

“Casual SexProject was created to bring more content to the Casual Sex series, and more than that, to introduce new viewers to the whole thing,” Spermry continued.

“What better way to do that than by making a new series of videos featuring older porn stars?

That way, we can introduce them to new audiences.”


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