The answer may surprise you, but it’s pretty simple.

All you have to do is answer the question: Which is best of both worlds?

We’ve rounded up the best in the world’s best travel books to help you make that decision.

Read more about the world of travel.1.

The World Traveler by Daniele Del Ponte (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)2.

A Trip to Europe: A Complete Guide to Europe by Stephen Barrett (Faber & Faber)3.

The Complete Book of Travel Essentials by James Fagan (Doubleday)4.

The Best Book of Modern Travel by Robert Cialdini (William Morrow)5.

The Art of Travel by Daniel Goleman (Random House)6.

The Lonely Planet Guide to Travel in the World by Robert M. Ciala (Foyles)7.

The Seven Essential Things Travelers Need to Know About Their Destinations by James R. Hensley (Randomhouse)8.

How to Travel Less: A Guide for Travelers by David M. Schwartz (Crown Publishers)9.

Traveler’s Journey by Daniel W. Murphy (HarperCollins)10.

How the World Looks: The Definitive Guide to Global Travel by Chris Anderson (Little, Brown)11.

The 10 Best Travel Books of All Time by Robert Bloch (Viking)12.

How Travel Can Make Us Better: Discovering the Power of Travel to Change Your World by David W. Hogg (Simon & Schuster)13.

The Book of the Day: A Collection of Travel Writing by Sarah E. Haddock (St. Martin’s Press)14.

The Essential Travel Book for People Who Don’t Like Travel by John McPhee (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)15.

The Guide to The World by Tim Ferriss (Harvard University Press)16.

Travel to the World: The Best Travel Book Ever Written by Jonathan Gold (William Collins)17.

The 100 Greatest Travel Books by Chris Mooney (Simon and Schuster), edited by Andrew Smith (Dutton)18.

The 20 Greatest Travel Writing Tips by Chris Smith (St Martin’s).19.

The Ultimate Guide to Destination Marketing by Peter N. Smith (Simon, Schuster, Penguin)20.

Travelers’ Journey: The World’s Greatest Guide to the Next 20 Years by Mark E. Paine (Penguin)21.

The Most Essential Travel Books on Earth by Robert H. Prentice (Douglass)22.

Traveling by Robert E. Lee: A Biography by George M. Haldeman (Henry Holt and Co.)23.

The Encyclopedia of Travel: A Modern Encyclopedia of Travels by Paul J. Hirschman (Simon And Schuster).24.

The Top 10 Travel Books in History: From Alexander the Great to Abraham Lincoln by Pauline Kael (Harambe Books)25.

The Greatest Travel Book in History by David McCullough (Douglas Books)26.

Travel Guides: 100 of the Best Travel Writing Books for Traveling Professionals by Dan R. Cohan (Simon)27.

The Definitive Travel Book Guide by Sarah B. Smith and Christopher L. Miller (Simon Schuster Books)28.

The First 100 Travel Books Written by Robert Frost: The Book That Changed the World (Simon&Schuster)29.

Travel in America: The Greatest American Travel Writer by Paul S. Kemp (Holland & Mackay)30.

The Ten Best Travel Essays: A Classic Guide to Everyday Travel by Brian Chesky (Doublespeak Books)31.

The Official Guide to New York City by Michael W. Sullivan (Harmony)32.

The New Yorker: How to Make the Most of Your Travel Diary by Amy Chua (Holt)33.

The Traveler and the Traveler: The Complete Guide by Tom Wolfe (Harpreet, Harcourt &amp.


The Perfect Travel Guide: The Ultimate Travel Book (Doumont)35.

The Life and Times of Louis XIV by Jules Verne (Harlan Ellison)36.

The 50 Best Travel Writers: A Book of Stories by J.M. Coetzee (RandomHouse)37.

The Secrets of Traveling: A Traveling Memoir by Thomas S. Friedman (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)38.

The Journey: Discover the Power, Promise, and Inspiration of Travel in Your Life by Steven Pressfield (Harman)39.

How You Can Travel Less by Jonathan Goldstein (SimonandSchuster).40.

How To Be More Thoroughly and Productively Traveled by Robert A. Zemel (Simon-Schuster, Inc.)41.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Jethro Tull (Harvill Secker)42.

How-To Guide to World Travel by Michael Pollan (Hannibal Books)43.

The Adventure of the Travel


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