The world’s first and only solar PV system, the Polaris solar array, is now a reality.

The project was built with the help of $6 million in federal stimulus funds, but will be completed later this year with a new partnership between the federal government and the state of Massachusetts.

“The Polaris project was the result of a partnership between several federal, state, and local agencies and the private sector,” the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said in a statement.

“While this project was initially developed in collaboration with the state, the project is now being led by private partners to provide for the full range of solar energy needs in Massachusetts.”

The state of New Hampshire will also use the funds to build the system, which will cost about $3 million per watt.

“With a goal of producing enough electricity to power over 600,000 homes, the system is expected to generate enough electricity for over 40,000 households, and generate enough solar power to power 2 million homes, according to the Massachusetts Energy Information Administration.”

Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to install a solar system. “

Massachusetts was a great location to build this project, and we are thrilled that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be using these federal funds to help meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector.”

Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to install a solar system.

Other states are expected to follow soon.

The system is the brainchild of Boston-based company SolarCity, which has invested in projects around the world.

The company’s CEO, Lyndon Rive, said that the project will help power the nation’s electric grid.

The Polaris system, installed on a former nuclear power plant in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, has a total installed capacity of more than 10 gigawatts.

“This is a critical project for Massachusetts,” Rive said in the announcement.

“We are confident that the investment we are making in this project will allow us to have the necessary infrastructure to produce 100 percent of the electricity we need.”

A company called SolarCity has also invested in a project in North Carolina, which also uses solar energy, but this project is expected for completion later this month.

In addition to Massachusetts, other states including New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, and New York have also committed to deploying solar.

In recent months, several states have pledged to use more than 80 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

“These new solar projects will provide a substantial boost to our nation’s energy infrastructure,” said Bill McKibben, the president of, an environmental advocacy group.

“But this solar is just the beginning.”


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