The past week has been a roller coaster ride for President Donald Trump, and it has been the stuff of dreams.

With the exception of a brief stretch of a week in which he took the country to war with North Korea and lost, his presidency has been one of relative stability, prosperity and stability, with a steady stream of accomplishments and accomplishments that have been overshadowed by his own blunders and conflicts of interest.

But on Monday, the president took his first step into a new phase of his presidency: taking over the United States.

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump announced that he will resign from office on Tuesday.

His resignation will begin with a formal proclamation that will be issued by the President of the United State.

This will be followed by the formal process of removing him from office.

This announcement is unprecedented, but not unexpected.

The president has been in office for almost four months.

The last time an American president left office without a formal declaration of resignation was Bill Clinton’s in 1994, following a six-year term as President.

In the United Kingdom, President John F. Kennedy left office with a declaration of death.

The American president, in contrast, was not removed from office until March 15, 1958, when the resignation was formally announced by then-President Dwight Eisenhower.

The new president has made it clear that he wants to leave office as quickly as possible, but it is not clear how quickly he intends to leave.

He has yet to formally announce his intention to step down.

It will be an unprecedented move for a sitting president.

The public will have 24 hours to express their opinion on whether or not to continue in office.

The announcement will also be followed immediately by a national debate about whether or no the American people should have to endure a repeat of the events of the past eight years.

The Trump administration is expected to use the declaration of executive authority to declare war on Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

The two nations, the former allies of the Soviet Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council, are key U.S. partners in the Middle East.

In recent weeks, tensions have escalated between the two countries, with Iran launching ballistic missiles toward the U.A.E. naval base in Dubai, and Emirati officials saying they would respond to any attacks on the U-A.A., with a cruise missile attack on U.K. soil.

Trump has also threatened to move the U


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