A lot of investors are looking for a way to make money if markets are down.

So it comes as no surprise that they’re looking at the math of how to profit from the market’s ups and downs.

They’re looking for an index fund that’s a good bet, says James Martin, chief investment officer at Bogleheads, an online investment forum.

The idea is that you can make a profit from a good performance by buying stocks in the market.

That’s an option investors have used in the past to get a good return.

But that can be difficult to implement, Martin says.

“It’s a very difficult skill to master,” he says.

The challenge, then, is to figure out what percentage of investors can afford to buy into the stock market and make money, and how to make it profitable.

So Martin and a group of other experts from the U.K.’s Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) set out to calculate the best way to calculate a good share of potential investors, and come up with a list of rules for how to do it.

It’s called the Martin Index, and it has been widely used in recent years by investors looking to find good bargains.

The rule that Martin and his team put in place is simple: If you can get a profit for yourself, then you can take a loss.

If you make money from the index, you’ll probably have a higher chance of making a profit than someone else who makes no money from it.

If, on the other hand, you lose money, then your chances of making money are much lower.

The rules also call for the investor to get at least 50% of the fund’s total assets under management.

If the investor has a strong track record of success, the fund is expected to earn a high return.

The IEA, Martin and others also recommend that investors look for a portfolio that’s 50% or less of its assets under the index fund’s overall portfolio.

The formula is based on the difference between the actual price of the index and the price of its overall portfolio as a percentage of the overall market.

The goal is to get investors to buy a stock or a bond, which is the best bet in terms of long-term returns.

The average index fund returns a total of 8.2% a year, which puts it at a relatively low risk of losing money.

It also gives a fairly high return if the index funds portfolio is well diversified.

The downside, however, is that a high percentage of investments in the index portfolio will earn you losses.

The index fund has a high risk of failure.

Investors can also take a big loss if their investment is a bad one.

The value of an index portfolio is volatile, so a bad investment will have a bigger impact on the market than a good one.

Martin and the IEA used an annualized return formula that takes into account the cost of the underlying stock, the volatility of the market and how long the fund has been around.

The result is a formula that, based on historical data, measures a investor’s risk of loss.

The fund’s average return over a 10-year period is a respectable 6.3%, which is about twice the 10% average for the S&P 500 index fund.

But if the investor makes a loss during that time, the return drops to about 4.7%, which means a worse-case investment would earn an investor $3,000 less than they would if they had kept the fund.

If a bad investor loses money, the investor loses about $100.

The investment strategy that Martin’s group came up with is similar to one that many investors have tried before, but it has a big advantage: it’s not based on a portfolio of individual stocks, but instead a set of all stocks in a particular market.

It is also less expensive to run, and so it can be used more often.

The Martin Index also allows investors to take a much larger amount of risk when they invest, even if the returns are less than those from the fund itself.

A portfolio that has less than 30% of its holdings under the fund would have a 1.2-in-5 chance of losing, compared with a 1-in.

chance for a similar portfolio that had 40% under it.

The best way for an investor to maximize their returns is to have the funds portfolio as diversified as possible, the IEEA suggests.

The group also recommends that investors use a “short-term” fund strategy, meaning they should invest money only in stocks that are trading well in the near term.

Short-term strategies also are a good way to diversify their portfolio, which can make it easier for a bad market to take hold.

The key is to be careful when it comes to investing, says Martin.

“There is an important lesson to learn here,” he said.

“Investors are often very good at predicting how markets


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